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The Apalachee Land Conservancy’s primary tool for protecting land in the Apalachee Region is the conservation easement.  A conservation easement is a legal agreement between a landowner and an organization such as a land conservancy that permanently limits the development of the land.  The easement protects the land by outlining  current and future land uses on the property while allowing the landowner to continue to own, reside on and use the property in traditional ways.  The land can still be passed on to heirs or sold.  Easements are written according to the landowner’s wishes and can even allow for limited development.  In return for accepting an easement, a land conservancy such as ALC assumes the permanent responsibility for seeing that the terms of the easement are met.

Conservation Easements Benefits:

  • Permanently protect your land for future generations     
  • Receive potential tax benefits (estate, income and property tax benefits) for the value of a donated easement
  • Keep your land in the family and continue current land use